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The topped boiled chicken was pickled with Japanese “salt-Koji”. It is a magical seasoning.

Hello! Welcome to "HOKKORI-MESHI ".

Hello! My name is ASAMI. The blogs are written by a Japanese mom from sappro Japan.

Hokkori expresses "healing" feelings such as calm, relieved, warmed, healed, calm, relaxed, and warm even if it's not gorgeous.

Meshi means meals. I show you many hokkori- meshi!!


The concept 

There are five members of my family. Everyone eat a lot ! I cook delicious meals everyday for them.There are four features in my recipes. It's healthy, safety (Reduceing chemicals),simple and easy.

Healthy and safety

I don't use any kind of chemical  seasoning. Because I don't know what it contain and how it was made.I don't buy some kind of processed foods such as a bacon,dressing,kamaboko.However ,most of the cooking stuffs we can get at grocery store  in Japan have many additives. So, I use natural seasoning in every cooking I made. For example soy-sause ,Miso,nampler, Worcestershire-sauce,bacon,ham,mayonnaise and so on.

This is the soy-sause I made from soy-beans, flour, and kouji.

 simple and easy

If you try my recipe, you might be surprise at how easy it is. Wouldn't it be nice if the food you cook everyday is simple and easy? With good seasoning, less cooking is better. Just cut, boil, bake! This is the best.

I love reading recipe sites and cookbooks. But, I don't  imitate perfectly. I will get only the part I like. Please change the recipes to suit your taste and available ingredients.

If you want to cook authentic Japanese food, there are other good sites  I could recommend. Thoes sites have many good recipes, too.

What image of Japanese meals do you have ?

I suppose everybody think immediately of sushi and tempura. They are the two most common types of Japanese food and they are really good. But, they are just a little special for me.

Of course, I don't eat traditional food every day. There are many cooking styles that have become Japanese national dishes based on foreign gourmet. For example, hamburger steak, ramen, spaghetti. these are  surely arranged in a Japanese style. In my case, I use miso or salt-kouji for my hamburger steak!

These humbugger steaks are contained salt-kouji which is a Japanese malt.

Curious about Japanese life?

I have never been abroad. However, I am very interested in foreign food  and their culture. What kind of food do people around the world actually eat?  I am interested not only about in traditional food, some great restaurants, but also daily home cooking they made.

If you want to know about Japanese daily meals, I recommend you my blog. It also contains useful tips for those who are studying Japanese culture and language. My blog is also helpful you.

If you have any questions, please give me a message. It may take some time, but I will surely reply you. I will be pleased to know about the Japanese cuisine that you arranged as well.

I want to make friends and connect to people around the world through cooking.




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